This website was created in 2019 by Dr. Lew Blakey to help golfers and golf rules officials improve their knowledge of the Rules of Golf. It was a replacement for the previous website that was created by Dr. Blakey. The R&A and USGA have continued to update the Rules to make them more relevant to the game.

For 2023, John Van der Borght has taken on the task of updating the site to reflect the rules taking effect on January 1. Mr. Van der Borght was the Senior Manager of the Rules of Golf at the USGA before retiring at the end of 2019. Before working at the USGA, he wrote a blog on the Rules called Freedrop. The site will continue to evolve as the Rules do. Please return often as we will be adding new content in the future. If you have any questions, see any errors, or have any suggestions for the site, please contact us via e-mail at

I wish to thank Dr. Blakey for the many years of service to the game of golf and the USGA and for helping raise my knowledge and understanding of the Rules of Golf.  –  John